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Soil Stabilization and Seawall Repair

Chemical Grout and Polyurethane Resins

Marine structures are engineered to withstand the natural forces that wear down bulkheads and seawalls over time. A wall can have weaknesses built-in if it’s not properly anchored, piles aren’t driven deep enough, or cribbing lumber isn’t driven or affixed correctly. Sometimes Nature can force your hand with a change in your soil conditions that begins to undermine your structure. These contributing factors, and others, can force repairs.

Chemical grout injection is used in proper situations to achieve soil densification and stabilization. This added structure and cohesion rehabilitates foundations and strengthens surrounding substrates for marine walls, especially for those made of natural or porous products like coquina block and cement.

• Seawall Repairs and Restoration

• Void Filling, Soil Stabilization, and Erosion Control

• Repair, Rehabilitate, Preventative Maintenance

• Concrete Repair | Walls and Caps – Spall, Cracks, etc.

poly grout injection soil stabilization seawall bulkhead repair

Preventative Maintenance Plans

Don’t let this be you. Injection of our environmentally friendly poly materials can extend the life of old structures and stabilize surrounding soil with minimal social impact. Maintaining your current structure can cost less than new construction solutions.

failed wall grout injection repair

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