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Concrete Pad, Expansion Joint and Spall Repair

Concrete Repair

Let our staff inspect your site and design the perfect solution for your needs. From custom pavilions to repairing sunken walkways against wall caps, from spall repair and repairing concrete cracks to concrete joint repair and concrete pile restoration, we have the knowledge and expertise to take your project from concept to design and build. Barefoot Marine Construction works with all types of concrete; especially high-strength and specialty structural concrete repairs that stand the test of time.

Marinas, Ports, Boat Ramps

Multi-Purpose, High-Strength Pads

Concrete Joint and Spall Repair

Concrete Bulkhead Walls

Steel/Vinyl Wall Concrete Caps

Concrete Pile Repair

Walkways and Sea Walk Pavilions

Structural Concrete Repairs

Concrete Maintenance Plans

Anti-Corrosive Cementitious Products – Low Chloride Ion Permeability

Cathodics – Corrosion Mitigation of Internal Reinforcement like Rebar

If you’re contemplating building a new concrete wall or are about to replace or repair an existing concrete structure, Barefoot Marine Construction uses the most advanced materials available today.

Concrete Walls and Caps

• Pressure Treated Wood
• Boardwalk Composite
• Ipe Hardwood

Piling Rehabilitation

• 36” Standard Handrail
• 36” Vertical Handrail
• Custom Handrail
• Rope Handrail

Boat Ramps and Walkways

• Standard Wood Pile
• Composite Pile
• Wrapped Pile
• Concrete Pile

Concrete Repair

• Benches
• Fish Stations
• Boat Houses
• Sun Decks
• Standard Decks
• Floating Dock
• Gazebos

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