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Soil Stabilization and Erosion Control

Poly Grout Injection | Void Filling

Is your bulkhead losing soil? Are you losing real estate to fluid movement on your seawall? Due to the inherently chaotic nature of marine environments, land substrates, and fluid dynamics voids can form, which erode foundations and undermine structures while impacting safety and threatening the value of your investments. Barefoot Marine Construction uses Poly Grout Injection to stop inflow and infiltration and the harmful effects. I & I control starts here. Barefoot Marine Construction will stop your leaking bulkhead wall in Jacksonville, Florida and the surrounding areas.

• Seawall Repairs and Restoration

• Void Filling, Soil Stabilization, and Erosion Control

• Dock Repairs and Restoration

• Concrete Leveling

• Concrete Repair – Spall, Cracks, etc.

Shoreline Stabilization Plans

Natural products can be used to lessen the impact of the forces of nature which destabilize our shorelines. Products like stone and oyster or clam shells can be used to strengthen shorelines as well as vegetation native to the area. Systems like these are developed to create Living Shorelines which resist storm surge in carefully planned out, environmental solutions.

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